I want your company tonight.

11 Mar

My pills are stopping me sleeping and it’s always times like this – when I’m so tired but can’t sleep – that I start thinking sad thoughts like I don’t want to wake up dead and have my mum and dad find me cold. I also can’t get the sensation of that yoghurt spoon out my head. Good news though – I have remembered that I like those ginger creams, you know..the biscuits? So I can eat some ginger……

I’ve tried to sleep but no use…I even had a bag of wotsits to calm my stomach but obviously that was the wrong thing to do because now I’m digesting..ohhhh well…


One Response to “I want your company tonight.”

  1. Trudy Robertson March 11, 2011 at 8:27 pm #

    Hi Rosie just left a coment on you last post about ginger biscuits make sure you buy some.

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