10 Mar

Well today didn’t start off great..I had coco pops for breakfast but the spoon I picked out had congealed yoghurt on the back of it…Yeah..I put it in my mouth..ew.

I haven’t been able to eat much because I’ve been feeling reeeeally sick today 😦 So you say ginger helps? Is there an alternative? I don’t like ginger :(. Domperidone (my anti-sickness pills) aren’t beating it this time. Mum says you’re right though – it does seem to be like morning sickness, where you just need to eat what your body says you can eat..even if it’s just chips and donuts for now. Haa.

My chicken mayo baguette craving will be quenched tomorrow because I’m going out for lunch with mum 🙂 Also managed to go out to Ledbury with dad today; we did a charity shop whip round and spent some money in the St Michaels Hospice shop – giving some money back for the services they have offered me so far (remember the pain man?).


One Response to “Thursday.”

  1. Trudy Robertson March 11, 2011 at 8:19 pm #

    Try some ginger Biscuits at leased you can dunk…

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