9 Mar

I didn’t do much today either..I can’t write when I haven’t done anything :/ But I can’t do anything because I’m not strong enough to drive around anywhere and I don’t really want to go on my own to town because that would be boring.. I’ve spent the day watching T.V and dreaming about holidays. I’ve now got two holiday brochures for the Indian Ocean but it’s sooo expensive and I want to go somewhere with markets and stuff rather than just a beach. My friend Amy went to Thailand recently and her photos look amazing! I might have a look into that. I’m also looking for a new swimsuit but it’s not quite the right time in the shops. I don’t want to spend too much incase my body weight changes again – I’m now underweight (did I already tell you), but we’ve got these weird protein drinks (although I don’t want to become obese!).

No side effects showing yet really..I had a red section on my hand yesterday but it disappeared so doesn’t look like I’m gaining a rash. The only thing really is loss of appetite and feeling sick…probably both connected haa.

Not being on holiday is getting me down ahahha! But then I think about people who can’t go on holiday (maybe because they’re in care?) and then I feel worse for being upset that I can’t afford the high end aeroplane flights. Is it aeroplane or airplane? Oh deary me – cheer up!


4 Responses to “Wednesday.”

  1. Julia March 9, 2011 at 6:30 pm #

    It’s aeroplane if you’re British, airplane if you’re American. I can’t remember what a holiday is.
    Anyway have you still got that juicing machine in a cupboard somewhere? It would be a really easy way to get vitamins and minerals into your body. Orange fruits are really good for immunity, things like cantaloupe melons, might be nice juiced with apples. Stick some blueberries in for good measure (what a silly saying that is).
    Sylv the pig is enormous and it’s still 4 weeks until her piglets are due.
    Sausages for tea tonight!

  2. Coz Al March 9, 2011 at 8:32 pm #

    I read something interesting yesterday – for nausea it advised taking note of the times your feel less nauseous and eating then, also following the techniques that are advised for morning sickness. Little and often, throw out the traditional meal times, and have delicate nutritious portions and supplement with yummy things you like!

    I want to go on holiday too…

  3. Ro March 9, 2011 at 10:05 pm #

    Try ginger for nausea! Put it in juice if you do use your juicer, try ginger tea or ginger cordial, ginger sweets (so long as they do actually have ginger in them and not just flavour)…maybe even ginger biscuits.

  4. Pip Armstrong March 10, 2011 at 9:49 pm #

    I used to eat ginger biscuits when I was pregnant with Henry, it does work. Top tip try Nairn’s Ginger biscuits because they’re much more gingery and far less sugary than common or garden ginger nuts x

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