17 Jan

Have you ever met anyone who you just ‘like’? Just someone who you are immediately drawn to and wish to be friends with? This has only ever happened to me twice. Once was with Bronwyn at the acting summer school – she was this exotic American who could just start talking to strangers hahahah! And the second time was today – I had two people from Gloucester university come and ‘interview’ me..well one of them was ‘interviewing’ and the other was sound manning..but I am referring to both of them in this instance. When I go to uni I want to meet people like them. Also, I say ‘interviewing’ with the ”” because it wasn’t really so much of an interview. Also, also, I am not just writing this because I know Kaytee will be reading’s a genuine fact.

So this evening I was fine but throughout the day I had terrible shoulder pain again and my favourite drug, naproxen, didn’t work like it did before 😦 So it’s gone down in my expectations.

You all buying a tshirt? Yeah? Ta :).


One Response to “People.”

  1. robin January 17, 2011 at 8:32 pm #

    Sorry that the drugs dont work Rosie. Damn drugs.

    I definately know what you mean about being drawn to people for no plausible reason other than you just are. I promise you that it will happen many more times in your life. Not necessarily at uni but anywhere at anytime. Iv always been fascinated by this phenomonon and stopped trying to understand it. I think it can be an individual thing where two random people draw in each other, and it can also be a collective thing, where groups of people are drawn to either other groups or individuals. I believe that judging from the volume of people you have drawn in, me included, you are one of those people, which is why I promised you that it will happen ´many´ more times to you. Dont think its because we feel sorry for you! I dont, infact in many ways I envy you even!!

    I will buy a tshirt but i am skint at the mo!!

    Get some strong drugs down you, good luck x x

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