1 Jan

I completely forgot to tell you about the present Toby’s mum and dad bought me! A massage at this place in Glos! Literally the perfect present isn’t it? Because I need a massage and I want one! Great idea.

Its my birthday on Monday..I’ll be 19……already!?!

I’ve got my new wardrobe! It’s huge..and on Monday I’m going shopping with Toby to buy lots of stuff to fill it up :D.

I won a big box of chocolates from work because I’m awesome at selling stuff 😉 Ahahah. No but’s huge. I’m going to become obese.

No, I haven’t found my necklace yet 😦

Happy New Year to you all and hey, think about this – if your resolution was to ‘do more exercise’ or ‘join a gym’ then we, here at The Knock on Effect, have the perfect workout tshirts! Get over and buy them!


One Response to “Massage.”

  1. Alison January 1, 2011 at 8:02 pm #

    Happy New Year Rosie, glad you had a great time despite the trials and tribulations!

    Not wishing to put a downer on your massage but in the back of my mind there is something bugging me about massages and cancer patients. It may be worth checking with your onc team that it is ok for you to have it. Something to do with lymph systems and stuff but don’t quote me on that.

    Ali x

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