30 Dec

I’m back! How have you all been?! How was Christmas?? I’ve had such a busy week! Oh my!

So I had an eventful Christmas! I don’t know if this post will be long or not..I’m quite tired but I’ve got lots to tell you about, however, I’m also watching the new Tim Minchin DVD that I got for xmas – SLACKER I KNOW! Haa.

Okay so 24th Dec we set off at 10am, expecting a 10 hour journey ’cause of the snow, but it only took 4 hours ish including a stop so that was cool and we arrived at the hostel last and it was FREEZING. So so cold – I had taken my fleece blanket though so don’t worry about me. Also…no water in the kitchen – disaster. And we have no phone signal either, nor a TV.. So we’re thinking..what..are we going to have to do the washing up in the shower?! So we get on this payphone – which is stupidly expensive! – and finally get in touch with someone who gives us the whereabouts of the keys for the ‘wardens kitchen’ and we let ourselves in and it’s all gravy ’cause there is water in there. Hot water. Safe.

So we’re all dandy, we have a great Christmas day (if a little chilly!) and talk and laugh and play games – do you know the chair game? Okay so say you have 9 people playing then put 8 chairs in a circle, facing each other, and each person sits on one of these with one person stood in the middle. Then you get 8 slips of paper and write number 1 on the first and 2 on the second and so on, then give everyone sat on the chair a random number. Now the person in the middle says two numbers between 1 and 8 and these two people have to secretly find out who each person is and then swap places with each other without the person in the middle getting in their chair! Does that make sense? So if they say 5 & 7 then 5 and 7 need to find out who each person is (’cause you keep your number secret so that the person in the middle doesn’t know who you are!) and then they swap chairs. Try it..it works, don’t worry hah!

So yeah boxing day was the day for walking and we went to pubs and got back to the hostel and had tea. So we were sat down having tea when Kath ran in saying there was a flood in the kitchen..It turns out that the pipe had frozen and burst in the wall and since we had warmed the house up, it was thawing and gushing all over the electrics! Luckily Nick flew to the rescue..well to the stop tap..and turned the mains water off…….This meant no toilets. No water for washing up anywhere. No heating! We were due to stay there for another two nights! Although at this stage we had found signal in the pub and checked the weather forecast – which predicted snow at 7pm the next day, so we were going to leave a day early anyway (27th).

So we now have to use the pub toilets and sleep with 20 blankets but we’re happy ’cause it’s Christmas ;). We contact the people in charge and tell them that we’re leaving loadsa washing up (:S) ’cause no water and that we’re going a day early anyway. Oh we tell them about the pipe too..don’t worry. Then we retire to bed. The next morning I am awoken at 8am by dad rushing in saying ‘IT’S SNOWING WE NEED TO GO NOW! GET PACKED!’ So all 12 of us in the house are packed and ready to go in the hour! It has been snowing..Steph, Nick and Peter leave and we await their phonecall saying that they’re away and we can follow…. 10 minutes later they are back….Pete’s car can’t get up the first hill… Oh my life, we’ve been snowed in. So we sit and eat toast and come up with a plan of action.. Remember that we still have no water and the house has completely cooled down by now. So it’s all a bit hairy for 3 hours but then we tried again and we were away!

Then we got stuck in traffic on the M6 and didn’t get home for 6 and a half hours..

One of my dads sisters – Steph – wanted to come off well in this post but I haven’t really mentioned anyone that much..Well she’s awesome and it turns out she likes boxes too. Also dad’s other sister is awesome too…everyone is freaking awesome! I love Christmas!


AND last night I went and saw Chicago in London!
Oh I am lagging a bit now after all this writing and I will just say it was really great and I had a grand old night, but now I must say bye because my wrists are aching!


5 Responses to “MISSED YOU!”

  1. margaret crisp December 30, 2010 at 7:58 pm #

    Hi, glad you had a fab time, sounds a bit hairraising though!! I imagine owner is still busy doing the washing up!
    Glad you’re all back okay, love mags.

  2. Trudy Robertson December 30, 2010 at 8:20 pm #

    Hi Rosie,Sounds like you all had fun.plus Snow wow.make sure you rest now,as it will catch up on you.hope you are cosy and warm at home.Rest well so that you can hit those sales soon

  3. Dollydimple December 31, 2010 at 7:05 am #

    what an eventful week! Glad you had a great time despite all the inconveniences and to top it all – Chicago the show, wow! Missed your posts though so glad you are back, but that’s just selfish of me x

  4. celia butler December 31, 2010 at 7:36 am #

    Well – very glad to hear that you still enjoyed yourselves despite all the problems. And I love Chicago, have seen a number of productions in various cities in the UK and never get tired of it.
    Happy New Year wishes to you and the family – hope it’s warm, dry and with toilets!!

  5. Steph December 31, 2010 at 2:16 pm #

    Yeah, that’ll do – I don’t want to be famous!! This was the year of the Christmas adventure and we now know we can look adversity in the eye and still have a good time. People should also realise that we had no television either and yet we still coped. Thanks for a great Christmas – God Bless you one and all!!
    Steph xx

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