Writers block.

18 Nov

I’ve got writers block..I’m trying to write my next column but I have complete block..how irritating. I might take one of my old posts and update it :/.

Inside Out West Midlands will be showing me on the 29th Nov but don’t worry I’ll link you all to iplayer.

Also, BBC Radio Gloucestershire want to speak to me and apparently BBC Points West TV news want to do a sofa interview with me…We’ll wait for the phonecalls though before setting anything in stone.

I have to go get ready for work now.

Oh I hate writers block. I’m irritated now.

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One Response to “Writers block.”

  1. margaret crisp November 18, 2010 at 5:21 pm #

    Hi, I like being able to correspond with a star of the screen and media!! I’m certainly going to be glued to the tv set when it appears!!!!! Please post a link or something to your Citizen article too! I am sure once you get to work etc and meeting people you will become inspired again.
    love mags.

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