6 Oct

Ted escaped..that’s the second time this week! Either she’s getting smarter or I’m getting less attentive.. After she bust out the first time we reinforced the cage, but she pushed her way out. We reckon she has a whale of a time…is that the right ‘whale’ to use? ‘wale’..It must be ‘whale’..I don’t even know. But yeah she has a great time because she get’s to run around without a care – this is only okay if the cats don’t find out about her little trips..and we catch her before she gets lost..all in all it’s a bad thing..but we catch her – don’t worry.


My tummy is still bad. Hopefully it’ll be better tomorrow, we think I’ve been picking up all sorts of bugs.

I’m having a hair cut on Friday – I’ve got enough hair for a hair cut! It’s coming up to 2 years since I’ve had long hair..now that’s a long time..and I can’t wait to get it back.


One Response to “Ted!”

  1. margaret crisp October 7, 2010 at 2:52 pm #

    Hi, having your hair cut?! Imagine you’ll enjoy that…I always feel really pampered going to the hairdressers, not that I’ve ever done it here! With luck you’ll be offered tea and biscuits too.
    Glad you’ve managed to rescue Ted, sounds as if he’s a bit of a houdini! Maybe you’ll have to invest in a new cage!
    Am making a bag at the mo. whilst watching Jeremy Kyle…and then will sort out my knitting again. No plans here for the weekend, its a trampolining one for you though, isn’t it? Have you made a banner to hold up in support of Calum?
    love mags,

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