I was wrong!

24 Sep

It was on the internet! I have no idea how you have found it though..I couldn’t find it anywhere.

I still have a temperature 😦 My mouth tastes like antibiotics and I’m doing the going from cold to hot thing again! Pah!

Got a delivery of some very nice business cards this morning, so those will be useful.

I have referred pain in my neck and shoulders 😦 I want a professional massage.

Is it Friday today?


One Response to “I was wrong!”

  1. Michelle Gabriel September 24, 2010 at 12:09 pm #

    Yes, it’s Friday today, the weekend tomorrow, no work for me and a lie in – yippee.

    I’m a trained massage therapist Rosie, an IHBC one. Really should get back into doing my massage again, use to do it a lot, loved doing it. I’d come and do you if I lived closer.

    Hope your hot and cold flushes got sorted and the shoulder pains go.

    Have a nice weekend, I’m off to Stratford for the farmers market – testing Lavendar & Vanilla chocolates for my friend the chocolatier. Mmmmmmm, how good is that?

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