It was going so well.

12 Sep

I am on a roller coaster of feelings today.

My tummy is stupidly sore now. Stupidly sore. And I feel a little bit sick. I’ve taken the drugs I can take, am going to have some paracetamol as well in a minute. It hurrrrrts.

Car booting is a scary sport isn’t it. When we arrived we were in a queue of about 6 cars and there were people peering into the windows and crowding round. Whilst we were getting our stuff out there were people pulling bits out and getting in our way and all sorts – mighty demanding – grabbing things and asking how much. We made £80 all together which is good going..and Sylvie made biscuits so we got to eat those. Also sold things that we had been carting to car boots for years and years! Mum’s favourite price was 50p which I did NOT agree with.

Keep voting on the christmas card poll and remember that if you’re sending in christmas card designs (to then they need to be in by the end of Sept! We’ve had some fabulous ones already.

Did you see us in the Observer today? Our Sunday picture was in the review section 🙂 Taken by dad hah.


One Response to “It was going so well.”

  1. Ali September 13, 2010 at 9:40 am #

    Hope the paracetamol ease things for you Rosie. I am told the trick with car boots is to pull up, park up and leave your car locked and go off for a saunter for a few minutes until the vultures have moved off to plague the other new arrivals.

    Ali xx

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