Derren Brown

9 Sep

Who watched his program last night? And this comment, on one of the guardian blogs, completely sums up how I feel about it and everyone who is saying how rubbish it was:

I think everyone seems to be looking way too far into it and also trying to point out any possible flaws in the show .

As I perceived it the ‘message’ if you will was that almost anything is possible (without possible financial/family restraints) and it was shown by him completing the tasks, whether it’s exactly honest or not is almost irrelevant to the message of inspiration to do more with our lives.

The major standout for me was the comparison between him between first seeing him in the selection process where he wouldn’t speak up regards to spotting a fire to then weeks later approaching a needy stranger to engage with him and communicate strong feelings – that is as simple, easy and incredible an inspiration to each and everyone’s lives.

Whether or not you would do those choices anyway is also irrelevant as the show isn’t aimed towards those specific ‘special’ people but to the majority of the public who could do with a little inspiration.

It was about the show of it and being entertaining as well as trying to inspire the average joe to take the opportunities and actually do the things you want to do e.g. joining the police force. I like Derren Brown and remember he describes himself as a psychological illusionist NOT a magician. He’s not trying to make you believe it; he’s just playing with your mind.


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