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8 Sep

My brand new laptop – She’s called Meg. I feel guilty for using her though because I haven’t said goodbye to my old one yet (who was called Dr Gupta, by the way). She’s got windows 7..but I think I want windows vista back.

Mum, Calum and I went to an auction in Ledbury today – there were some wonderful Mini Coopers for sale but there were cheeky car dealers there so there was no way I would have got them for a nice price. We did, however, buy an oak framed mirror, a round convex mirror and 4 dining chairs. The dining chairs are for me to re-upholster…even though I haven’t finished my other chair yet ahaaah! If it’s sunny tomorrow then I am going to finish the other chair definitely..I need to spray it. So yes, these dining chairs, we had to throw two of them away because they were ruined by woodworm, but the others were fine so thas cool.

Pub lunch – lovely jubbly.


One Response to “Beamed to you from..”

  1. Coz Al September 8, 2010 at 7:38 pm #

    Sounds like a fab day…:) xxxxx

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