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5 Sep

Went out to Prezzo with everyone from Thorntons last night and it was just so lovely to get dressed up and go see everyone! The new girl, Sarah, was there and I just assumed she knew about my cancer and isn’t that just stupid because why the hell would she know!? So I was talking about ops and how I was on loadsa drugs – I musta sounded like a right nutter! Then Natalie said..Err..Have you told Sarah about it?! (See Natalie I DO mention you! I could even put a link to your zumba video on here if you wanted me to! Get interest of your zumba skills up and running – Natalie is training/going to train to be a zumba instructor so I’m expecting free classes at work….maybe..) So I said to Sarah about all the cancer and blahblah and Natalie and Atika said that she shouldn’t feel uncomfortable etc etc and I said yeah it’s not a big deal and then Sarah said ‘Well you’re still alive aren’t you?’ and I just thought that was brilliant. I like Sarah.
Atika has an iphone…Jealoussssss. James had just got back from his honeymoon in California as well – Don’t you just hate the end of summer when all the holidays have finished and you just get back into the normal routine of things 😦 Although…that does mean we’re now looking forward to CHRISTMASSSSS. Don’t forget your TKOE christmas card designs for me – You haven’t got long left to get those submitted!

I even took a picture of me all dressed up to show you..but I don’t think it’s on this computer – remember I haven’t got my laptop because it’s being fixed 😦

Also, do you remember I mentioned Aaron Miller in one of the previous posts? He’s Natalies boyfriend – what a small world. Well…not really a small world because I didn’t come across him by chance and then found out that he was her boyf..No..I was put into contact with him through nothing to do with it being a small world…BUT talking of being put in contact with people PLEASE can you all ask anyone you know who is arty to do me a christmas card design! Yes, I am calling on your arty contacts again because you all did so well for me last year! We need to get these limited edition christmas designs in so that we can provide you the very best for YOUR christmas all promise to buy cards off me this year?


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