Don’t forget.

3 Sep

I would like you to design me a christmas card, ready to sell on our fabulous TKOE SITE.

Because it’s a competition there have to be a few rules!
– Your design must have either a domino or ‘TKOE’ incorporated.
– You can enter as many times as you like but will only receive a maximum of one tshirt……unless you’re lucky .
– Must be small enough to fit an A5 side.
– Images need to be submitted in JPEG form.
– Can be colour or black and white, whatever tickles your fancy.
– You can send a photo but please don’t steal anyone else’s work! I don’t want to get done for copyright.
– Closing date is midnight of September 30th 2010.

We’re branching out into all sorts of different lines and getting our autumn stock ready for christmas!

The winner will have their design printed up and sold in the popular Knock on Effect shop. This means they will have their artwork seen by thousands of people everyday and sent to strangers for christmas!

Every single entry will get a free tshirt, so what are you waiting for?! Send me an email at with your design attached, including your name, tshirt size and address. Get going and don’t forget to tell your friends!


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