5th post.

3 Sep

Do you know what I’ve just realised? I haven’t even told you all that we made our third £1000 donation the other day.

Whilst I was in hospital actually. It went to Clic Sargent.

This means our donation history goes: –

£1000 – Teenage Cancer Trust

£1000 – Rainbow Trust

£1000 – Clic Sargent

The next donation will shortly be made to the Willow Foundation .

Isn’t that just lovely? So thank you. THANK YOU – Couldn’t have done it without all of your support and make sure you keep showing it by buying from and directing your friends to www.theknockoneffect.co.uk. We NEED to clear this summer stock to make way for the new ranges..no point in waiting because they aren’t going up till all this has gone. Come on — you all need a painting tshirt or a gardening tshirt. Something to wear at the gym? Pyjamas? Show your support.


One Response to “5th post.”

  1. margaret crisp September 4, 2010 at 6:42 am #

    Goodness you’ve been busy!!
    Will try and think of a xmas card -y thing……
    Well done on donations, looks excellent. Am up early as cat weeed on my bed and have had to wash everything and sponge mattress! Not a good start to the day, however have almost finished making up my jumper and just got to water greenhouses and vacuum then all mundane domestication will be done. And its only 8.30!!!!!!
    Will spend some of day working on christmas card design in my head……
    love mags.

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