Something’s been playing on my mind.

7 Aug

Someone said to me today that they felt stupid telling me that they had depression. I said, as a joke, ‘because cancer is a ‘proper’ problem?’ and I think that is actually why she felt stupid. But cancer isn’t a proper problem. It’s no more of a problem than depression, no more of a problem than anything really. Is anything really a problem? There are inconveniences but I don’t know if they’re problems. Actually are they problems? Wait, I’ll dictionary it.


[prob-luhm]  Show IPA


1.any question or matter involving doubt, uncertainty, ordifficulty.
2.a question proposed for solution or discussion.
3.Mathematics . a statement requiring a solution, usually bymeans of a mathematical operation or
Wait, my chicken dippers are ready..
I think I’ve burnt my peas 😦
So number 1 says that it is a question or matter, I don’t know if cancer comes under either of those..A matter? Maybe. And there is definite uncertainty.
But so what? Doesn’t mean that if you tell me your problems I am automatically thinking ‘oh my god why the hell are you talking to  me about this? Get yourself a real problem.’ I’m obviously not thinking that! There will be some people who do think like that and they are the people who crave attention and sympathy. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there are some days, some hours, where I really really just need someone to give me the biggest ego stroke, or tell me I’m doing well – but who doesn’t need that? I can promise I don’t think any tiny bit less of you if you tell me your problems..I just wanna give my advice and talk about someone other than myself and my ‘problems’.
Teddy, escaped again yesterday, but I caught her..I think she needs a new ball.
I think Mattie has a second house because whenever I am looking after the house he is hardly ever there 😦 Also, Simon won’t eat so I’ve been making sure she has lots of milk. Colin is just lonely.
The other chicken hasn’t turned up :/.

One Response to “Something’s been playing on my mind.”

  1. mags August 8, 2010 at 6:29 pm #

    Hi Rosie, luckiy I don’t have any real problems at present to burden anyone with!
    Listening to others is a great skill though and it does make you feel very lucky yourself…
    It has been a nice day today and have been gettin ready for parents visit which starts on Wednesday. Will need to get out a large piece of beef from freezer tomorrow and firm up menus etc.. We’re also going to be peasants of old in the morning cutting spelt(an ancient variety of wheat), putting it into stooks ready for later threshing, winnowing and grinding.
    Have cut corn and have it hanging from kitchen ceiling ready for me to try my hand at corn dolly making…it’ll make a change from gardening and bags!!!
    Hope you’ve had a good day, love mags.

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