I am mad.

4 Aug

Toby and I went to London yesterday – It was fun, we went to Harrods and found expensive things..although they had these amazing ham things that were 55p each and it was like little pieces of ham wrapped in pastry and they were just lovely! I ate 11 of them.. Haaa! Do they deliver?

We also went to Ripleys museum aaaaand the Science museum and it was all great yeah but then we got back, paid for parking which was insanely expensive and then I get back and check my account and the car park has charged me 3 times! I want my money back 😦 so mad. Stupid car park. I’ve rung them up though and I have to send them a statement to prove it and all but yano..eughhh 😦 I would rather do it in person but I don’t wanna go all the way down to Reading.


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