Trashed tree.

1 Aug

Our best tree has broke. It’s got the treehouse in it :(..although I think the treehouse is alright..I didn’t really look. I’m sure what’s happened there..Was it stormy here whilst I was in Wales?

I’m home alone. It’s weird..The cats are unbelievably annoying..I think Colin missed having company because he’s been all over me since I got back and Simon keeps coming in as well.

I’ve got phonecalls to make but I hate making phonecalls..

I’ll have some tomato soup instead.

One Response to “Trashed tree.”

  1. Coz Al August 1, 2010 at 7:35 pm #

    Ohhh poor tree:(

    Is it strange without the parents and siblings?

    I’ve just sliced my finger open on the carving knife whilst washing up…arrgg..hurts!
    I can’t type very well now, I’m wounded…:(

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