6 Jul

Okay, so I dedicated today to packing and my workout dvd…Well..I stayed in bed and watched programs online untill about 12:30..then I got up and started to do my workout, just finished the warm up and then Toby arrived! This was not planned! So then we got back into bed and watched some T.V..for like 3 hours..So yeah, I’m going on holiday tomorrow and by 3pm I still hadn’t packed. Then Toby went and I did some of my workout dvd….I say some…I did the warm up and managed about 5 minutes of the main bit ahahahha! No, I’m not unfit, it’s because I’m still not revived after my op 😦 I’m getting there though. I know what you’re saying – ‘We don’t care about the workout dvd Rosie! We need to know if you’ve packed yet?! You’re going tomorrow for christs sake!’ I know I knowwww..And don’t worry, the time is 20:43 and I have pretty much finished packing..Aaaand I’ve weighed it (Don’t worry Mags) and it came out at 13.1kg so I’ve got room if I want to bring anything back!

I’ve got bites all over me but I don’t want to open my new tube of antihistamine..It’s for holidayyyy :(.

Also..Yesterday..I bought two pairs of shoes that were the same just different colours…Baaahaaa! They were only £6 each though.

I’m going to remind you all that there is a fantastic shop over at – You all need to tootle on over and get yourself some bargains! Although..I won’t be able to post them till I come back off holiday next week ahah!

I’ll post tomorrow morning before I go but then after that you’ve not got me for a week 😦 Don’t forget to come back next wednesday! Appears I have a few new followers..I reached 2,300 hits yesterday – that’s my most, in a day, ever.

I’m gonna go get some toast with some of mums freshly made raspberry jam – yummy.


3 Responses to “Packing”

  1. Michelle July 6, 2010 at 8:43 pm #

    Being the dozy old person I am – I’ve forgotten which t-shirt I need to order for my RfL.
    I don’t do it till 25th July so I have plenty of time. Do I need the white one at £12.50 or one of the black ones at £15? What one did you tell me to order – i think you said something about monster but i may have dreamt that!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday, if it’s half as good as mine was (last two weeks) it will be brilliant.
    Mic the forgetful one

    • theknockoneffect July 6, 2010 at 10:21 pm #

      It completely doesn’t matter which one you would like to order 🙂 Go for the one you like the most 😉

  2. mags July 7, 2010 at 9:46 am #

    hi, glad you’re all ready to go now!! Whilst you’re away relaxing I’ll be having a major clean up, MY PARENTS ARE COMING IN AUGUST!! They’re not staying here, as they are coming with friends, but still need to sort the place out here. Have done bathroom and little hallway so far, scrubbing tiles, washing paintwork, scrubbing floors etc…
    Hoping you have a most wonderful time, send me a postcard!!!
    love mags.

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