Race For Life

4 Jul

Today was the Cheltenham 5k r4l and my mum volunteered and had a great time so I’m doing that next year. Natalie from Thorntons (remember I work there) did the 10K yesterday and ran it in 51mins and 35secs…I would have taken like 2 hours. Well done to everyone who did race for life this year 🙂 don’t you find it so emotional to cross that finish line? No? Just me then.

I don’t think JLS have one single male fan. Haa.

I think I should start packing for holiday..I’ve finished work now so no more until holidayyyy, so I can go shopping and stock up on sun cream haaaaa! I am so excited..It’s unreal.

Had a bbq on friday..Wait, actually, I’ve got some pictures from then..Wait a sec, I’ll upload them…..



Ha! I forgot I was posting so this entry has taken like an hour to do ;).

I worked all day yesterday and just 4 hours today..I’m a busy bee.

OMG I AM SO EXCITED FOR HOLIDAY. Are you all going on holiday this year?


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