2 Jul

You would think that it would be uncomfortable to play with tennis balls in their pockets wouldn’t you..and the females put them up their skirts! Surely that has got to have a negative impact on their performance?

If Andy Murray wins then he is estimated to make £50 million from it all..that is insane. If you’re good at a sport then you’re just set.

It must be so exhausting to play in the heat though..mental..why don’t they do it in air conditioned sports halls or something?

I’m boiling. My L key is broke 😦 It keeps not pressing.

I don’t really understand the scoring system in tennis..I mean I know it goes like 15, 30, 40..etc..get’s a bit confusing if they both get to 40..and then you have to win a game? And then win a set? I don’t know..And don’t you have to be 2 sets higher to actually win? That’s why that other game lasted like 11 hours wasn’t it? Although Toby and I reckon they were doing it on purpose. I’m not a big watcher of the tennis at all..but sometimes there just isn’t anything else on. Is it sets that you have to be higher in? Because this Nadal guy has got 2 and Murray has 0 so I must be wrong…


2 Responses to “Wimbledon”

  1. mags July 3, 2010 at 6:16 am #

    Hi Rosie, I am afraid I no longer keep up with Wimbledon, am still in the era of Virginia Wade etc…used to play for Newent School years ago.
    Went on the trip I organized yesterday…took a mix of french and english adults in a minibus to an eco-museum in Rennes. It was in an old farm, showing its history, with old crops, animals, implements and house all done out as in days gone by. We had a great day, though my teacher instinct was well around the night before…did I need to take a bin bag for coach, medical supplies, checklist of people,sick bags, sanitary towels(just in case)etc etc. Anyway, as age of people going was over 50 decided against sanitary towels, but otherwise went pretty well equipped with stuff we didn’t need and that I had to carry!!!!!!!!!!!
    The mayor joined us for half of the day, bringing wine with him (I had a dozen glasses in my emergency kit) and the day went off well!
    Today I am tired….will perhaps sew bags this afternoon as John’s going out to take and fit a door he’s made for a friend.
    It rained yesterday so no watering this morning but am still up early..still a bit teacher mode, be prepared mode from yesterday!!!!
    Hope you have a good weekend, love mags.

  2. mags July 4, 2010 at 3:27 pm #

    Hi Rosie, guess you’re very busy packing and unpacking, wondering which clothes will be the best choice for holidays!! A pocket fan would be good, and don’t forget jungle formula and sting cream in case mozzies get you!! Immodium would be good if you can take it alongside any other medicines you’re taking, just in case you get the holiday trots!!
    We have the tent up but haven’t stayed out overnight….
    love mags.

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