6 Jun

Went to the semi final of Calums trampolining competition today and he came 7th out of 9 so I think that means he’s in the final! Mental. His coach is so good – she treats him like a normal person; he went to a party last night and when we walked into the room she said ‘OI CALUM! I hear you were out all drinking last night! The day before a competition! Not happy!’ Hah :).

My neck aches 😦 It is taking so long for me to get back to full strength 😦 I start back at Thorntons tomorrow. Whilst I’ve been away they have employed someone new haha! Replaced me! Pah! Nah, the person who took the job before just stopped showing up for some reason, so we’ve got someone new. I’m looking forward to going back but I reckon I’ll have to sit down quite a lot :/ Should be alright. I’m gonna work so much over summer, save up as much as possible so that I can go on a big shopping trip ahahahah or save up for uni………. We’ll see ;). I’ll take as much overtime as I can – there should be loads at Tesco.

I need your help. Does anybody know anyone who would be interested in helping me with some advertising for The Knock on Effect? Sales have slowed right down and I don’t really know where to advertise and how :/ Help!

Like 30 days till I go on holiday! Eeeeee! Are you all going on holiday this year? Even if you’re not then I’ve read that we’re gonna have a mighty hot summer and what did I say ey? The colder the winter the hotter the summer! 😀


2 Responses to “Trampolining”

  1. jen June 7, 2010 at 11:10 am #

    hi try using facebook when you put a comment about “whats on your mind ” make it about your website a friend of mine does it and it works really well

  2. mags June 8, 2010 at 1:35 pm #

    hi Rosie, a quiet day here today, friend coming for supper, but otherwise not a lot doing as it rains periodically. Have visited alzheimer patient but he was asleep so didn’t stay many minutes.
    Will start new pullover for me in a mo., john’s worn his new one out today hospital visiting!
    Jeremy kyle and knitting here we come!
    love mags.

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