Car Boot

30 May

I went out! I actually went out! It was brilliant! We went to a carboot sale – the Ledbury one that starts at 1pm. Definitely a better time to start I reckon; why do car boots insist on starting so early? Like you gotta get there at 6am to get a good spot and then if you’re buying then you gotta be there at 7am to get all the good stuff! Mental. However, this one in Ledbury starts at 1pm which is much better :). They need to get some better caterers..caterers?..because the ones there are so unorganised and we were waiting for like half an hour for a sausage bap. I got some bargains – a jucier, which resulted in us having freshly squeezed orange juice when we got home đŸ˜€ yumyum aaaaand I got some jewellery, uncluding a mermaid pendant.

Mum and me are off to a flea market tomorrow at Malvern showground..with lots of sitting down!


2 Responses to “Car Boot”

  1. celia butler May 31, 2010 at 1:53 pm #

    Great to hear that you’re feeling better enough to go out. Staying in is the new going out here in Abu Dhabi as it gets hotter by the day. Hope you get some good bargains at today’s flea market too. x

  2. mags May 31, 2010 at 3:58 pm #

    Hi, hope today at Malvern is a good day…glad you’re out and about again! Am off to a gardening meeting tonight which includes watching a film in french so hope its not too long!
    Salad tonight…with baked potato so like that…and then a cheese cake I made this morning. Having quite a lazy day really, two lots of visitors this morning and then went visiting ourselves this afternoon.
    Will miss Britains got talent tonight, but never mind…perhaps there’ll be a repeat tomorrow!
    love mags.

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