20 May

Has it seriously been that long since I posted? Swear it hasn’t :S I’m sorry 😦 I’ve been very busy and then I had a bad back! On tuesday mum and me went to London and Faith (the shop..not a person…although the person who served me might have been called Faith..I don’t know..) tried to sell me a pair of different coloured shoes! One was silver and one was gold but you didn’t really notice it until someone pointed it out and they had 3 silver left ones and 2 gold right ones so they must have been selling mismatched pairs the whole time and mum and me had decided that it was enough of a different colour to look quirky but no way was I spending £35 on some shoes that weren’t even the same! So after waiting like half an hour to be served…not because there was a long queue but because they were bloody slow! I was like right I will buy these in the different colours but not for £35 so how much will you give me? And then she went off and spoke to her manager and took ages again and mum and me were thinking right we’ll give you a tenner so she came back and said ‘We will do them for 10% off so that’ll be like £31.50 and we were just like  WHAT!?!? HAHAHA!?! ARE YOU KIDDING?! Absolute joke! So because they were stupid and took so long I didnt buy any shoes in the end! Stupid Faith. And it was closing down as well so they should have been trying to get anything for them! Bah!

Worked yesterdayyyy and pub…And I am terrible at darts..I think I would like to buy a dart board of my own – how much do they cost???

Leave for hosp in like an hour 😦 I don’t want too…It’s gonna hurt and I don’t want to hurt :(.

I should shower really..Baaaaah.

I got new shoes in the post! So I have got new shoes ahah but they are a different type of shoes – they are sandles for holiday/summer and I loooove them. Don’t you just hate it when you go shopping and there are no sales on? I can’t bring myself to spend any money on anything! The only thing I’ll buy is DVDs (addiction!!!!) and scratchcards..ahahha oh dear.


3 Responses to “Hospital”

  1. Deb Walker May 20, 2010 at 10:48 am #

    Faith – silly that they didn’t see sense about the price. Perhaps they were just hoping that some ‘dozy’ shoppers might turn up at some point, not notice the colour difference, and buy them at full price!?!
    Darts – my dad used to have a dart board set up in the garage …. very addictive, but great for teenager/parental bonding times ….. AND practice for mental maths!!!

    Hope all goes well at the hospital today Rosie and that you will experience the minimal amount of pain. You’re amazingly positive, brave and up-beat …. still a wonderful example for us all!

    Love and GB!
    Deb and the gang xxxxx

  2. mags May 20, 2010 at 12:43 pm #

    Hi Rosie, I can’t play darts at all!
    Good luck with hospital, hope, like Deb, that minimal pain involved.
    love mags.

  3. Kath May 20, 2010 at 5:40 pm #

    Hope the hospital stuff goes okay…

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