15 May

So last day of school yesterday for everyone apart from me, Toby, Keri and a couple of others…ahaaaa.

So yesterday we had assembly in the morning to say goodbye to our tutors and Ms Andrews gave a special mention to me šŸ˜‰ No joke, Ms Andrews is lovely! You definitely want her as a tutor! (And no I’m not just saying that because I know you are reading this Miss :))

Then we had an hour of signing each other – what a weird thing that is..who came up with the idea to sign each others shirts on the last day? Very weird. And then we had bucks fizz and doughnuts with Mrs Cooney and Mrs Lawrence and Tutors. Aaaaand had photographs done with tutorials and the like. Ummmm and then Mrs Cooney sent us away to the pub – SHOCKING I KNOW! Nah, we all left and me, Georgia, Toby, Lawrence, Tris, Corrine and Dan were too keen and got there first ahahahah and we spent like 5 hours in the pub and Sophie Sherratt got really drunk and it was insanely funny, but then she got kicked out and went home ahahaha aaaand I found out I was actually no good at darts and omg my L key isn’t working very well šŸ˜„ and we all bought Tris drinks because it was his birthday and we played that game where you flip beermats and catch them and I met someone who is donating to The Knock on Effect aaaaaaaand then gradually everyone left until we were pretty much last to leave – ‘we’ being me, Georgia, Keri and Jo and then we went to Jos house so she could get an outfit for the evening aaaand then we went and got burgers from Erols and then we picked Alex up and then we drove to my house so that I could get an outfit for the evening and then we drove to Keris and dropped him off and then Alexs and dropped him off and then finally to Georgias where we got ready and started on the pre-drinks. OH, BY THE WAY, I only drank diet coke at the pub so don’t worry it wasn’t drinking and driving at all!!!!!!! šŸ™‚ sensible yano. Aaaaaand then we some more people arrived at Georgias and then we got taken over to Ollys field and danced the night away. Well…till about 12:30 when we went back to Georgias haaa :).

And now I am resting till I go to work and then I’m going back over to Georgias so that we can go out on the town later – my first time ;).

Haaa, I’m going out as much as I can because I know that I will be at home for a while after my op!! Logical thinking ;).

Bags still haven’t arrived yet šŸ˜¦ – Gonna chase those up!

P.S They got a sheep in the common room from about 5am-7am…aaaand one guy dressed up as a banana and the others dressed up as gorillas and chased him round the school. So there was one banana and about twenty gorillas just running round school….brilliant!


One Response to “WOAH”

  1. mags May 16, 2010 at 11:34 am #

    Hi, so you actually get sent to the pub now!! How things have changed since my day!!! It’ll be good when you and Toby return to school together in September and great when you’ve recovered from the TACE!
    Held the garden fair yesterday and raised over 400 pounds for our gardening association….am going to use some of it to subsidize a trip to see an open garden…there is a tidal one in Brittany apparently that woud be interesting…only visible at low tide! Will perhaps suggest that one, picnic lunch, visit and rest of day by sea!
    Am tired at mo….just a few more cards to write and then can sit and watch formula one…hope Hamilton wins!
    love mags.

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