13 May

Hah, I just read on AOL news that they reckon one of the NASA spacecrafts has been abducted by aliens and that they are trying to contact us…mental! Imagine if that was true..how weird.

I couldn’t get to sleep for ages last night 😦 Hopefully I’ll get to sleep earlier tonight because it’s last day of school tomorrow so I’m in all day and then we’re going out tomorrow night and friday night so wanna be well rested.

TKOE bags are taking a while to arrive so sorry if you’ve ordered one or are wanting to order one because I haven’t received the delivery yet! :(.



One Response to “UFOs”

  1. mags May 13, 2010 at 5:35 pm #

    Hi Rosie, what have you got planned for the weekend then???
    We have the garden fair on Saturday so am going to be tied up with that…cooking tomorrow morning, preparing site on Friday then fair itself on Saturday!
    I had little sleep last night, helping with old english chap with alzheimers…had to hospitalize him in end as we couldn’t control him. What an awful experience, don’t want to end up like that! Anyway, they’ve now find a sedative that works and he’s been zonked out all day….
    Have bought some more bag patterns so will get sewing again when John brings them back, with some material at end of June. Am off to do some knitting now, then bed!!
    love mags.
    P.S.enjoy your day tomorrow and don’t spend the lunch hour in the George as we did in our youth! They even served people still dressed in green uniforms, knowing them to be well under age!!! The final assembly was interesting, though!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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