Toooast list.

8 May

If you go to Newent 6th form then you HAVE to go to Toast list! It’s just so good! We had a lovely sit down meal with speeches by many people – all of which were really interesting and well done to Jo who got up there despite the nerves :). And the food was tasty, and the waiters and waitresses were really nice! They were like older people and gave me chicken tikka and potatoes and a yorkshire pudding – the lady said I could have allll of it ahah. Then we went up for seconds…and our eyes were too big for our bellies really…Baha. Then the pudding and oh my god, tastiest cheesecake I’ve ever eaten in my life. So creamy..oh yum. Then, it was barn dance time in the common room. The band was hilarious and everyone eventually got up and danced. At first most people were standing at the side just watching but I dragged Becky up there and we got into the dosey doeing and all sorts. It was so good. I enjoyed the circle dances best. Ahh I love barn dances. I went to one ages ago, like years and years and years ago when I was little and I remember that being fun as well. I think it also worked so well because everyone had grown up together at Newent and so we all knew each other and so everyone was comfortable to be linking arms and all sorts. Only downside was it was so so so hot in there and we were pretty much doing a full body workout (which we needed after all that food), so everyone was sweating all over the place..lovely ;). I’ll get some pictures up when they are uploaded on facebook :).

Ahh, such a good night. Properly. Hah :).

So weird that like..everyone has finished now. It’s done, 14 years of education – over. Well I’ve still got another year but it’ll be different because everyone else will be gone. There are gonna be some people who I’m never gonna see again, some people who I’m never gonna talk to again..I like that we’ve got facebook nowadays so it is easier to keep in touch but it still won’t be the same to go in everyday and see the same people without having to make much effort. Everyone will be making new friends and it was be so strange to see each other go off on the different paths. I want to have a reunion in like 10/15 years time and see where everyone has got too, see how everyone is doing. So weird to think that we’re all going off to make it on our own! And make new friends and do new things without the structure of school. Haaaa, responsibility!

Anyway, work now.


One Response to “Toooast list.”

  1. Deb Walker May 9, 2010 at 2:43 pm #

    Can’t beat a good ol’ barn dance …. hilarious!!! Glad you had such a good time 🙂
    Deb n gang xxxxx

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