Bank holiday.

3 May

Blimey. Busy day! Went to work 12-5 and was expecting it to be quiet like it was last bank holiday but nooo! Crazy busy! And one of our tills was broke so we had one till on, a queue of people and everyone wanting icecream. The icecream is next to till one…till one was the broken till..which means that when the man came to fix it (on a bank holiday?! Good service!) we had to like reach round him to get the icecream. Disaster. Atika and I worked it though, we did well. We made like £700 by the time I had left. Haa, when Atika went on her break I was manning everything on my own and then this group of girls came up with a bunch of £1 easter eggs and wanted them all iced and then there was people behind them wanting ice cream and then someone behind them just wanting a bag of toffee and then the icing bag broke and icing was all over my hand and then the ice cream was rock hard because it had just come out the freezer and omgggg it was insane. Even though it was so busy the time went really slowly which was weird.

I’m watching this worlds fattest families show and I just can’t believe what these people eat! They were saying how they went to macdonalds for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I was like well..that’s why you’re fat! And this kid had never eaten anything apart from chicken nuggets, cheeseburger and fries. They must feel so icky..if that’s all I ate then I would just feel sick all the time. This guy on now has got bigger boobs than me. It’s sad though 😦 They’re all really lonely because they have no friends because they are fat. So I guess they eat because they’re sad and they’re sad because they’re fat. Some of these children weigh like double me. Feels a little bit like a cop out that they are just fixing it with you know what I mean? Like a bit there like a point when you get so far past being morbidly obese that you just can’t exercise anymore because it’s dangerous to pull on your heart? I don’t know. This guy has been told that it’s very likely he’ll die on the operating table..How scary. Although..I have had that risk..not like a high risk but obviously everyone has a small risk they’ll not wake up after an operation..But I spose if you’re gonna die from your weight you may as well try surgery..if thas what you’re willing to pay for. How do they have the money? Because I bet a lot of them are too fat to work? Hmm.

I’m going to Cardiff tomorrow 🙂 Gonna babysit for remember Sue? The lady who did my website ( thas the one. I’m looking after Gwen who has got the chicken pox. Taking my jokebook with me. I’m well excited!

3 Responses to “Bank holiday.”

  1. mags May 4, 2010 at 6:31 am #

    hi Rosie, hope you’ve had chicken pox, or you may well catch it!! Sounds as if shop work went pretty well considering the difficulties! All that icing practice, you could take up icing wedding cakes!
    Have a good day, love mags.

  2. Deb Walker May 4, 2010 at 1:23 pm #

    Rebecca has applied to Thorntons for work experience in July! She hasn’t heard back yet …. hope she gets it. She’ll have to ask you for your hints and tips re survival techniques on the retail ‘front line’ 😉
    Hope you have a good trip to Cardiff!
    Deb x

  3. Amyyy May 4, 2010 at 9:45 pm #

    It’s times like these I am GLAD I am a cleaner…although I had toilets on friday, I was not impressed as some little pbwh (i know that probably makes no sense but think of a very long immature word that was my childhood insult…) anyway had spent their lunchtime pressing the soap….meaning the entire surfaces were covered in a centimetre of soap, I was so unimpressed I went to the headteacher and complained that the year 9s must be disciplined. As we’d already had to deal with a ton of yucky stuff and I hate toilets on a good day. Anyway I’ll stop that essay now.
    I was watching fat families and they couldn’t walk a mile, and extra fat people can lose weight relatively easily apparently. I think people should lose a certain amount of weight before they can have surgery to show they are committed and they deserve it!! There was this one women who cost the NHS literally like two million or something ridiculous so she could have triplets because she was so heavy they had to build special equipment and then she fed them chicken nuggets in coke! Love you x

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