Bad mood.

30 Apr

Haaaa I’m being a small child and being grumpy because I didn’t win a competition :(. I entered this competition from when you ‘like’ their facebook page and then choose an item of clothing from their website and say why you would like it and I played the cancer card and didn’t win! There was 10 winners and I wasn’t one of them! It’s got me well annoyed because the people who won wrote stupid reasons!
‘Because it would look gorge with a summer tan.’ How the hell does that beat – ‘Because I am looking forward to getting my hair and confidence back after my latest lot of chemo and being well enough (hopefully) to wear it in summer.’ ?! Mmm. Eugh. I’m well riled.

I registered for acting summer school! I emailed the lady to ask if there was spaces left and she said yes so I sent off my form and a cheque for £850. Grandma – This is what I’m spending your money on 🙂 Thank you.

I’ve just re-read everything I’ve written and I sound like a lout – ‘there was spaces’…=…’there were spaces’.

A rude boy came into Thorntons today and grabbed a handful of samples so I said ‘No, only one’ and he put them back…I sure showed him.

Nothing is ever private anymore is it? Gordon Brown and his bigot thing but she WAS a bigoted lady and then there is the video footage of that guy who hit that kid. Poor guy 😦

Also, by the way, for anyone who doesn’t know what a TACE is then reeeead this…wait…lemme find it… Oh I can’t even find it. Stupid blog. Well I’ll just write it again, a TACE is the one where they put a tube into my artery at the top of my leg and then feed it all the way up to the tumour and inject some chemo straight into the tumour and then cut off the blood supply around it. It’s the one I’m awake during :(. Also it was the one that was filmed for the InsideOut program.

I’m in such a bad mood because of the competition!

Family guy will cheer me up. But for the 30 minutes before it’s on, I’m gonna be in a bad mood.


2 Responses to “Bad mood.”

  1. Amyyyy April 30, 2010 at 10:22 pm #

    you made him put them back!?! so he puts his manky dirty hands all over them and then others have to eat them :O This is why I dont eat samples…or have peanuts at a bar 😉 But then again I think i’m of the very few who freak out when the toilet lid is up! I totally get the competition thing….everytime i lose the lottery(everytime i do it) i get into a massive stress for wasting what could potentially be 100 penny sweets eurgh and id got all excited about the mansion I woul buy.gutted! Acting summer school!?! EXCITING, we shall talk about it on our dinner date! love you love you love you xxxx

    • theknockoneffect April 30, 2010 at 10:39 pm #

      Take a look at my most recent post 🙂

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