Up Early.

29 Apr

There’s a guy coming to fix our phone line and because everyone is off to work I have to be up to let him in >.< but I had a terrible nights sleep 😦 Kept waking up and feeling sick :(.

People lose all inhabitions when they’re ill don’t they. Just thinking back to my scan and there was inpatients and outpatients and the outpatients were all very tidy looking and sitting upright and drinking their dye like good little outpatients. And then there was the inpatients who first off were in pyjamas and secondly just rolled around moaning and groaning and leaning right over and all sorts. There was this one woman making a terrible fuss and I don’t understand why she didn’t just ask for some pain killers before she came down for a scan! Actually what it looked like she needed was a nice walk around..Judging by where she was clutching, the pitch of her groan and her facial expression, she appeared to be in the same pain I was after my bowel operation which means all it was was trapped air. I was getting worried because, yeah she was in pain and everything, but if she got into the scanner before me I was gonna kick off! I was there first! I had drunk my dye! Turns out she wasn’t even waiting for a CT scan and of course I could be completely wrong about her pains…although I don’t reckon I’m far off ;).

I feel bad for the porters – they gotta wheel around all sorts of people and some of them must be mighty heavy! They gotta wheel round people who are leaning all over the place and looking very green..I know how it feels to be wheeled around when you’re not feeling great – it’s like you’re drunk but in a bad mood way. You stop listening to anything and become one of those people you see just stood there staring at things..so you stare at something, but because you’re concentrating so much on not throwing up, you don’t really see it and go into a little world of your own that is fully consumed by DON’T THROW UP thoughts. 🙂 And then the person next to you tries to have a conversation because you’re all in hospital so you need to partake in hospital chat..’So why are you here?’ ‘I got cancer.’ ‘Oh…….I’m sorry about that, I hope you get better.’ ‘Mmm.’
And then because I don’t like to intrude, and, of course, I’m holding back on puking, it just stays there and I look like the rude one because of the awkward silence! Hahahaa :).

Now, I like this! The phone guy has arrived! 8:48 which is just 48 minutes into his time slot and I was expecting him to come at the end – which was 1pm. Apparently now he’s just gonna nip down the exchange…..the exchange? It’s like a secret world of electricians! Maybe it’s where they exchange parts? OR! It’s where they exchange bits of knowledge for the right bits of knowledge so that they can get the job done! Obviously I’m thinking of electricians as some sort of very humanlike robot..associate like with like. Haaaa. How ironic if an electrician robot broke. No, I know the exchange is some central electric bit. Do all electricians know where all exchanges are? Or do they have a radar that shows them where to go? Hahahha I could have just said a map or satnav but radar is what first game to my head..haha like gay people say they have a gay radar – electricians have an exchange radar. They click their fingers, say ‘electrician maaaan’ and just follow the senses till they get to the exchange.. No, actually..I don’t think that is what happens.

Oh my god, I just tried to post this and so I clicked on the button and then a page came up saying the site was down…! You know that feeling when you’ve done loads of work, not saved it and then it just vanishes? My body is full of adrenilin! I was ready to fight my computer…or just run away from it. But don’t worry I clicked back and everything was still there..and now I’ve copied it to my mouse so it should all be oooookay..And now the internet is broken so I can’t do anything….It’ll be something going on at the exchange..they should get an electrician onto that. Baha I’m so funny.

Internet – fixed. Phoneline – fixed. Job done!


3 Responses to “Up Early.”

  1. mags April 29, 2010 at 9:24 am #

    Hi Rosie, now you’ve got the rest of the day left to do what you like!! Have fun!!
    Left you a message on your phone last night, just saying hello….had been keeping fingers crossed throughout the day for you!
    Been in garden this morning, need to do housework now and to finish all machine sewing on my last bag before I sell them at plant/craft sale!
    love mags.

    • theknockoneffect April 29, 2010 at 9:29 am #

      Hello Mags, sorry about not answering the phone but it was broken all day yesterday so only just picked up the message! Thank you! Have a nice time sewing! Rosie

  2. Steph April 29, 2010 at 11:52 am #

    Soooooo pleased with your good news. If anybody deserves it you do.
    Love S n N xx

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