New internet

24 Apr

Hah, dad decided it was their computer that was breaking the internet so went out and bought a new computer and a new router and started it all again, so I’m back up online!

I’m writing this whilst sat outside in the blistfull sun, which I think has actually got a lot hotter in the last 5 minutes. Unfortunately I have to go to work in an hour and a bit :(. Hopefully everyone will have bought out all the BBQ stuff again so I’ll have less items to look at ;).

Went to Georgias last night and her parents are away so we could be as loud as we liiiiked. When I get a house I wanna do the living at uni thing and then Toby and I are gonna go live in New York for like a year and then we’ll come back here and get a house somewhere country. Something that has been worrying me though is that don’t most acting things happen around London?? Are there country places near London? I don’t want to live in London :/. I guess I’ll just have to commute..but seeing as I’ll be a famous actress I’ll have loadsa money so I can pay for train and stuff ;).

Talking of acting..I spoke to my drama teacher at the gym yesterday and she was really confident about uni so I am feeling positive about it now! A guy that used to be in my drama class just got into uni for acting apparently so that’s really great! Also, we were doing the Edexcel board last year and apparently across the country all the Edexcel results were averagely 2 grades lower than the others so who knows what my grade should have been!? We’re moving onto AQA next year though so we’ll see what happens.

I want my old long hair back 😦 I am so bored of my wig now :(.

I’m gonna go decide on my unis haaaa.


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