12 Apr

WE’RE ACTUALLY HAVING A FREAKING BBQ!!! AHAHAHAHA! Although it’s not as sunny today…..Don’t worry I’ll take a coat just in case..and a scarf and some gloves ahahahah.

I’m worried we haven’t got enough bread.. We’re all going round Georgias. Ha, Georgias house is the place to beeeee – because it’s big and the best shape..good shaped rooms :). And they got a big bbbbbq. Also, doritos were bogof 😀 GET IN!

I am in such a good mood. Toby came round last night and we were gonna go to Alton Towers today but then my car had at MOT this morning (it passed) and Tobys car isn’t very economical on the motorway and we didn’t wanna drive all that way and spend loadsa money just for a few hours :/ Wasn’t really worth it..So we’re gonna go later in the year..Also it’ll be hotter then as well, so we can go on the water rides and not be cooold!

Ha, so instead we went to Ledbury and had some lunch at Nice Things and then got some ice cream..and I ordered a big sundae and then hardly ate any of it bahahahah! But it was worth it..even though Toby dropped my cherry on the floor. We’re getting sundaes at Thorntons! And apparently we’re getting pick n mix! But we’ll see…. So yeah then we went and bought meat for the bbq aaaaand then we went to Ross :). I bought mum n dads birthday presents, even though their birthdays are in June but I saw the things I bought and loved them and I’m not sure if they will still have been there nearer the time so I thought it would be wise to get them today. :D.

Aaaaaaaand Toby and I had a lovely sing along in the carrrr, don’t you just love car journeys with sing alongs? I revived my’s been sadly mistreated for the past few months and has been living under my bed without any battery for ages. But I plugged it into the car charger and brought it back to life and realised I do actually love music :D.

I wanna listen to some old school Oasis.

Look at this stupidly addictive game that Sylvie has been playing on:


2 Responses to “BBQ!”

  1. mags April 13, 2010 at 11:24 am #

    Hi Rosie, so glad you’re having such a good time at present!! I used to like Alton Towers – apart from the queuing and actually preferred Drayton Manor in the end!
    I am just about to go potato planting, but thought I’d write first…
    Have finished rag doll apart from the shoes, all dressed, haired and bow in hair done…plus she has a baby in pocket with dress, hair and bow too! I did a lot yesterday whilst waiting for a phone call..we had ordered frozen chicks for Charlie and Buzz and the driver was to ring us when he got an hour away from Lodeac, an hours drive from us. I waited in all day and we finally picked them up at 6.30!!!!! By midday I had what I call cabin fever, desparate to go outside for a while, but dutifully stayed in sewing!
    Have just planted sprouts…had better start on potatoes…only another 500 or so to go!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love mags.

  2. Coz al April 14, 2010 at 11:33 am #

    How was it? Was there enough food? x al

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