Sun sun suuuuun.

8 Apr

HOT DAY! WOAH! I coulda got sunburnt and all sorts! But I didn’t spend long enough in the sun haha. I did get my sunglasses out and everything though :D.

Had a lovely lovely successful day trip to Ikea with Corrine yesterday 😀 I got DVD storage that I needed..although I do need to go back for more as I had more DVDs than I realised…I’m gonna count them actually..gimmie a sec..I got 196 DVDs haaaaaaa! Addict.

We had meatballs of course and some weird swedish pudding meal ever. I drove on the M5 for the first time! It was pretty much first motorway driving apart from when I went on the M50 for a little bit on the day of passing..but that doesn’t really count as a motorway ;). Haa! It wasn’t all that bad 🙂 I thought merging was gonna be terrible but it was easy as pie. There was only one terrifying experience and that was when a lorry veered into my lane and so I veered into the other lane and there was a car there..scary for all of us I think..But we made it out alive.

It also made me change my thoughts on a satnav because I quite enjoyed using the signs and trying to find my own way..and I got a right sense of accomplishment when we reached Ikea. Maybe maps and google directions from now on? Who knows.

We weren’t sure if we were gonna get the DVD tower in the car..but we managed it..Corrine had to sit in the back but it worked haa!

Then got home and Toby came over and we went to Tesco and bought a few new DVDs ahahahahha! Not that I have enough already.. But yeah we got An Education, The Imaginariam of Dr Purnassus and Mel Gibsons Apocalypto.. We watched An Education last night but we spent a lot of time giggling because Toby decided I looked like a potato and so I had to fight him, so we missed some of it but it seemed pretty interesting..kinda Me Without You esk. So I wanna watch it again and pay attention..maybe later, after work. Then we watched Mel Gibsons blahblah today…….not really impressed but it was kinda funny in some parts so not a total fail ha!

I’m gutted, it’s BBQ weather and beach weather and ice cream weather and sitting outside weather and all I get to do is bloody go to work! Hopefully that means tomorrow is busy at Thorntons though..make my 6 hour shift go fast :). And that should mean that I’ll have less work to do today at Tesco because all the meat will be sold out, weyoo.

I wanna redecorate my room. Or a whole house.. Someone buy me a house so I can start up my property developing business..kay thanks 😀


4 Responses to “Sun sun suuuuun.”

  1. Coz Alex April 9, 2010 at 10:04 am #

    An Education is wonderful, totally great in all areas, script, acting, music…thumbs up! Definately watch it again….
    Roll on for a sunny weekend as I’m not working. Are you looking forward to the rabble coming back home?


  2. mags April 9, 2010 at 3:01 pm #

    Hi Rosie, sun again today, luckily! Its gorgeous outside and have been busy with plants etc.
    Friday afternoon and am more or less up to date for weekend!!!!
    Am just about to do last corrections on the brochure I write for new english inhabitants about the village, and then it can be sent off for copying….
    Greenhouse and garden ok, may plant potatoes tomorrow.
    Rag doll….well, have got dress pattern cut out and am ready to start sewing, but a bit concerned. There are 16 pieces to this dress, and gathers, tucks,frills, collar, pockets etc etc so am almost lost before I start!!!!!!!!!!
    Glad you found motorway driving ok, I hate it! Luckily, roads here are much less crowded than in u.k….though motorways in mainland France (not Brittany) are payable.
    Hope everything bodes well for a good weekend, love mags.

  3. Corrine April 9, 2010 at 10:00 pm #

    You drove excellently! I felt completely safe. Need more storage? A perfect excuse to go back! I could eat some meatballs!


  4. mags April 10, 2010 at 10:58 am #

    Hi Rosie, another trip to IKEA on cards then for storage space and meat balls….you don’t approve of minimalist then????
    Can see you in thirty years time going on a de-cluttering tv programme, cash in the attic or something…..
    Have a good weekend and enjoy the weather, love mags.

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