Oh deary me..

6 Apr

I have got the worst sore throat everrrrr. And a cough.. Oh maaan :(.

Had a few people over last night and to be honest the house looks mighty tidy!

Off to work again in a bit and I reckon it’s gonna be busybusy because sale started yesterday and OMG we have got some bargains! You’ll have to come find out what they are ;).

We bought 6 pints of milk yesterday..and then drank strawberry milkshake all night. Toby wanted to buy 12 pints of milk but I told him there was no way we would drink it all..and I was right because we still have 3 pints left from yesterday!

Owwww my throat :(.


2 Responses to “Oh deary me..”

  1. mags April 6, 2010 at 6:43 pm #

    Hi Rosie, how about honey and lemon for the throat?? May be more soothing than milkshake though I can see the milk shake attraction…particularly if it has ice cream!
    Have spent most of day in garden as its been a beautiful day…came in and tried to make pantaloons for rag doll…its surprising how many times I had to undo after sewing the wrong bit! Have decided I must be tired….given up noe till tomorrow!
    Hope work went alright despite sore throat…thinking of you, must be scan date soon.
    love mags…
    p.s. if anyone mentions pantaloons for rag doll tonight I’ll kill them!!!!!!

  2. Corrine April 9, 2010 at 10:06 pm #

    Some lovely girl called Corrine must’ve tidied in the morning before she left. What a gem!


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