2 Apr

It was well scary! Was driving to work and this guy left it way to late to overtake this caravan and I had to pretty much emergency stop so that he didn’t crash into me but don’t worry I beeped at him and all sorts. Scaary.

Omg, work was so busy today. Thorntons this is. Soo busy. Took me like 20 minutes to park the car because the carpark was so full and everyone was moving very slowly and then we literally had a queue all day. Our target was £1,467 and we took £2,300! I stayed on an extra hour because we just didn’t have time to fill any shelves or anything. Pretty much sold out of every type of egg apart from milk ones. My hands are battered and bleeding from all the icing. No joke, literally bleeding! And blisters and everything. Meeeental.

Then went to the gym after working all day at work and then treated myself to some chicken nuggets and chips from the chippy ahahahhaha :D.

So tomorrow is the fashion show at Highnam Community Center, doors open at 6:30 and tickets cost £6 each or two for £10…be there or be square! Being filmed by two t.v crews as well! Well..Rob Wicks and the people who are filming for the bbc rotary award thingy. So gotta make sure I look nice ;).

Ohhhhh and 😦 Because my mouth is so bad from chemo I can’t eat any chocolate because the sweetness hurts 😦 Stupid huge ulcer :(. Even room temperature water is too cold for my stupid teeth! It’s not bad mouth’s chemo :(.



  1. mags April 3, 2010 at 11:02 am #

    Hi Rosie, pity you can’t eat chocolate at present, but it’ll save you from eating too many easter eggs all at once! Hopefully things will improve shortly as your body readjusts from all the treatment. At least the end is in sight!
    Its a miserable day here, cold and rainy, so am confined indoors. Will continue with making a rag doll this afternoon.
    We’re going out for roast lamb supper tomorrow which will be nice…I’m looking forward to that! I’m thinking the electric sewing machine will turn up on Monday or Tuesday, which will be something to get accustomed to after the hand one I’m using. Also have more material coming so bags may well be back on agenda!
    love mags.

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