29 Mar

Another late post! I’ve had a busybusy day and I’m tired but I thought I should give you all some blog juice.

So yesterday! Saw Lin!! One of mum and dads friends but she’s awesome :). We drove 2 hours to the pub and had such a nice meal. I’ll find out the name of the pub because it was really good and you should all go and eat there. I had a banoffee pie with real bits of banana bits in it..yummyyyy!

I went bowling today 😀 I lost and the balls hurt my fingers but I had a really great time :). I actually love going out for breakfast as well – breakfast is the best meal of the day. I love those all you can eat buffets! I dont know why we dont have them in this country like they do in America. Have I said this before? I don’t know.. But I reckon there is a gap in the market there! We went to one in some foriegn place that literally had everything..including vitamin pills. They generally have them in hotels dont they? I hope they have one at the hotel where we’re staying in Spaaaain. Yummy.

So yeeeeah and I worked and then I gymmed and then I watched Glee and I don’t want to have to wait 3 weeks for the next series!!! :'(! Hah :).

I’m working lots tomorrow as well! 11-3 and then 6-10.15…think of the moniesss!


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