Gym upgrade.

22 Mar

I took the plunge today and went to direct debit payment for the gym ahahah. I was on a pay per go contract which cost my £2.60 a time and now it’s £12.60 a month 😀 And I’m going three times a week so it’s a nice saving there :D. Getting nice and fit.

I passed my training at work today! I’ve been upgraded from ‘trainee’ to sales assistant which means that I’ve got 9p extra an hour now..weyheyy bahah 🙂 Means I get a name badge which my actual name on it rather than trainee..weyyyyy! Hah 🙂 I’m also a..err…oh I can’t remember what it’s called 😦 But I’m the store representative at Thorntons for something..I can’t remember the name 😦 Basically it’s like school council but in our little Thorntons store 🙂 More responsibilities :D.

I woke up last night with such bad tummy ache 😦 It really hurt and made me feel sick and stuff 😦 Bad times..I’ve also had such a horrible taste in my mouth all day..but things are getting better :).

I wanna write a nice lil cancer speech. Let’s see what happens with that.


One Response to “Gym upgrade.”

  1. mags March 23, 2010 at 9:04 am #

    Hi Rosie, how about cancer poem? Easier to remember than a speech you could start off with it if you’re giving a talk, when nerves at highest…
    Sorry to hear you’re feeling grotty, hope today is better day!
    Raining here, pot making and sewing on agenda!
    love mags.

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