Trampolining Competition.

21 Mar

So chemo, work, tidying out my room and then getting up at bloody 5:30am doesn’t constitute for a happy Rosie Kilburn :(. Well actually that’s a lie..I’m happy but I’m so tired..Early night I reckon..I’ll only watch Family Guy at 10 and then NOT the American Dad double bill ahahahhaha ;). But gotta get up tomorrow for work..I only have to get up at 10:30 so that’s not bad is it :). So yeah Thorntons, then gym, then I promise I’ll sit down!

So yeah! Cal’s comp! Hah, weird world.. Got up stupidly early and so couldn’t have my lansoprazole at the normal time (lansoprazole is what protects my stomach lining) and so I felt kinda funny throughout the morning 😦 We drove to Somerset and Cal did his thing – He wasn’t quite on par due to lack of food and sleep but he managed to come 8th out of 11 in his category..Which means he’s 8th in the region! Nice work!

Omgosh I just suddenly got boiling.. Oh deary.

So yeah Cal did his thing and Sylvie ate pretty much the entire contents of the vending machine and then we went off to find a pub and we had to stop at the side of the road so I could take some anti sickness – hit me hard this week 😦 My stomach is all over the place and I don’t feel great 😦 My mouth tastes HORRIBLE again :(. Found a was..okay I guess.. Gave us food and that’s what we needed πŸ™‚ Then went to Watchet which was a quiet little seaside village had a proper steam train! Felt like we had lost all modern living just for a bit. Finished up with a hot chocolate and then drove home..

Recovering from chemo means I can have ‘fairy tea’ hahahhahaha.. Seriously..If you’re not feeling great then make your mum or sister or your daughter get you a fairy tea.. I’m not suggesting males because they don’t have the femininity to pull off a fairy tea.. Make sure you choose things that are easy to eat and swallow and cut everything up into little chunks for easy transport to mouth and down throat. For example, tonight I had 2 mini sausage rolls, 2 crackers with boursin, a munch bunch yoghurt (ahahahha) and a little bowl of blueberries :D. Lovely job. I recommend.

Have emailed Big Chill and Wychwood fest to see if they will allow me to have a stall at their festivals this year πŸ™‚ This could be good!


3 Responses to “Trampolining Competition.”

  1. mags March 22, 2010 at 11:06 am #

    Hi Rosie, well done to Calum (one l)for his trampolining….sounds as if he did well.
    I had chinese last night…and will again tonight whilst John has liver and onions..euk!! We had a tesco delivery from a neighbour who visited England and have a stock of rowntrees fruit gums too!! Have also got some competitions to enter by doing puzzles..the thing I miss most here!
    Have just been in greenhouse potting on veg plants..have about 500 or so growing on …we give them to the elderly people as well as doing them for ourselves. This afternoon will go between felt applique work to put on shopping bags and making plant pots out of newspaper…it looks as if it might rain so can do it watching Jeremy Kyle!
    cHICKEN AND CASHEW NUTS, CANTONESE RICE, CRAB SPRING ROLLS,and not ‘fairy portion’ tonight, followed by packet of fruit gums and competitions and knitting…pure bliss!!!!!!!!
    love mags.

  2. Coz Alex March 22, 2010 at 11:29 am #

    Yay Cal! clap clap clap! :0
    I went to a wedding on Saturday where they had a punch and judy show and a fish and chip van! πŸ™‚
    Lov the fairy tea thing.

  3. Dad March 22, 2010 at 11:36 am #

    Well, go you and your sex-role stereotyping. I’ll have you know, young lady, that I’ve made many a fairy tea, including several in the shape of a face, with noses and hair and everything. So there.

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