Another late one.

20 Mar

I bet I’m losing like a million views everyday because of this horrendous blogging! I’m sorry 😦 I just am so busy and I’ve worked all day today and all day yesterday so I just haven’t had time 😦 I’m so tired 😦 Don’t worry..I only need to get up at 5:30 tomorrow so that we can go to Calums trampolining competition thing hah 🙂 Good luck to him! I don’t know if its like a semi final or something..I don’t know.

Who else loves Green Wing? It’s brilliant. I haven’t watched it in so long and I’ve stuck on my DVD to drift off is so good. Love it.

I am already writing my list for what I need to get from Ikea with Corrine.. It’s pretty much a storage box for my hair stuff and DVD storage for a minimum of 75 DVDs..I have too many DVDs..

GREEN WING IS SO GOOD. Just love everything about it.

I’m minimalising my in making it nice and empty and clean..not like empty but you know..nice and simple. I want to redecorate. I just have too much stuff that I don’t use or need..Having a clear out. Although Sylvie just wants to take everything and fill up her room with it hah.


2 Responses to “Another late one.”

  1. celia butler March 21, 2010 at 8:07 pm #

    Rosie, your blogging is compulsive reading – I’ve even logged on in Abu Dhabi! (there is an Ikea here by the way).
    I’m not surprised you’re tired with chemo then straight back to work combined with room clearing;
    think that counts as fairly hyperactive really.
    And be grateful that Sylvie only wants what you don’t – younger sisters usually help themselves to what their older sisters like best.(I speak with the authority of having two younger sisters and two daughters).
    Hope Calum’s competition went well. x

  2. Deb Walker March 25, 2010 at 10:09 am #

    Hoorah for little sisters ….! ;-D

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