Label Printers.

12 Mar

Not happy. I found the perfect label printer yesterday and then I come on just now to buy it and it’s been discontinued! Gutted! Have found a couple of others that are looking promising but they’re not like the one I found yesterday :(.

I’ve got a headache 😦 I took some painkillers but it still hurts 😦 I should take my wig off really..But I’m sat on the sofa and it’s far away to my room :(. Pah.

I’ve got to get up early early tomorrow morning because it’s Tobys bungee jump day and we’ve gotta leave early to get there for the appointment so I’m getting up at like 7 >.< Too early.

Lots of work today..Well only a 4 hour shift but we had a huge delivery because we had a factory clearance delivery as well as a normal delivery so there was so much stuff..and because it’s two days before mothers day we had loads of customers as well. Mental.

Those ‘Change 4 Life’ adverts are terrible.. They need to be more hard hitting rather than being all namby pamby.

I’m tired 😦


One Response to “Label Printers.”

  1. mags March 13, 2010 at 8:07 am #

    hi Rosie, sounds as if you had a busy day at work…but Toby’s bungee jump will be fun. Rather him than me!!I wouldn’t have the bottle to jump!
    Are you selling too much for Calum’s labels now then??
    Have finished five bags and thought that was more or less it, but have been given another load of material to make things out of…don’t know what I’ll do with it yet!
    Am off to feed cow,
    love mags.

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