11 Mar

Really is the worst program ever. I still watch it in the hope it will get better but it really isn’t and it makes me angry. Oh yeah because of course it’s so easy to just get out of prison isn’t it Cook? Stupid program!

I really want my eyebrows back.. I need them – I’m getting debris in my eyes…..Well I’m not but if I have an excuse then maybe they’ll grow back? Ah well..not long now. I just look mighty weird. I miss my eyebrows more than my eyelashes but I’m more worried about my eyelashes…what if they don’t grow back as long?! That will be the start of many sad days…:'(. Hah :).

I would like to see Florence and the Machine….aaaand Marina and the Diamonds (Even though she sounds like Lil Chris..) Aaaaaand who else was it? I don’t kn0w. I’m gonna read some music blogs and find some new music yes.


One Response to “Skins.”

  1. celia butler March 12, 2010 at 12:00 am #

    Have had a number of friends who’ve gone through chemo and their eyebrows and eyelashes have all grown back well. Think the hair growth is a bit slower than head hair so may take a little while but I’m sure you’ll be fluttering nicely again (if you ever did!) by the summer, x

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