Next week.

10 Mar

I’ve got my last chemo session next week and, to be honest, I think I’m going to miss it! I won’t have any excuses for sleeping long and stuff! Nah, I mean seriously I quite like just sitting around all day without any stress..Well I’m only 18 so I havent got much stress but you know what I mean. I liked the enviroment as well 😦 Hmmm..I reckon I’ll have to go back though and have either another operation or more chemo..At some point. Might be in a few years or whatever but I reckon it’ll be at some point. I’m not gonna fully relax about cancer untill being ‘clear’ for at least 5 years. It sounds irritating doesnt it? Like having something at the back of your mind all that time but I don’t really..I’ve got used to it now after two years. Unless it is at the back of my mind but I’m used to that..but would that mean it wasn’t there? If a tree falls in the woods and theres no one around does it still make a noise? Hmmmmmm. 🙂

Busy day today; I had Toby come over and then district nurse came where we had a worrying few seconds because my PICC line wouldn’t draw back and then she couldn’t get the saline in either but then it just went and it all worked fine so nothing to worry about :D. Theeeen I went to work and it was busybusy and this kid nearly pulled the window display on top of itself..aaaaaaand then I went to the gym with Corrine again :).

Also, for anyone who doesnt know – a PICC line is a long tube that I’ve had put into the crook of my elbow and up through the vein in my arm to just above my heart, and when I have my chemo drugs done they just attatch it to the end of the line and it goes in easy and they can also take blood out as well. Does that make sense? I don’t think I described it very well but yeah that’s what one of them is :).

It’s really cold and I don’t like it one bit!

I could drink strawberry milkshake all day.

Does anyone have any events where I could come and sell items from the TKOE range?? Let me know on here or email 😀

Also read about the Style Fights Cancer event here.

And to anyone who has bought from TKOE it would be awesome if you could send in pictures of you in your items:D! I’ll put the best ones up on here 😀


One Response to “Next week.”

  1. mags March 11, 2010 at 8:07 am #

    Last chemo session soon! Great! I agree it’ll be at the back of your mind for a while, but you have made huge strides to keep the cancer at bay!
    Am going shopping this morning and then making bags again…three finished, three more to go!Hoping to sell them for 20 euros each…if not will give as xmas and birthday presents!
    love mags

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