Cooking lunch

6 Mar

Turns out I’m not gonna cook lunch tomorrow because I’ve been invited out for Tobys dads birthday 🙂 I’ll cook it another day. Aaaand the recipe for that cola lemon tart thing is from this lady.. I don’t know if the recipe is in there but it suppose it should be hah – I got it from a magazine, but I want the book so if I get the book and it’s not in there then I’ll write it up :D. Or I might write it up later..Yeah okay I might write it up later.

Went and saw the school production yesterday – well done everyone in it 🙂 But also, how insanely good was Izzy?! I wanna be in a performanceeeee 😦 Miss A said I can be in it next year 😉 I’ll sing and everything..and you can all come watch. Ahah.

I wanna go to the pub for lunch 😦 Ahahah speaking of the pub! Corrine and I went to the pub yesterday but it was full of men so we got scared and left again – what babies we are! Nah, it was very manly and eugh in there..and we didn’t feel old enough either ahah so we got chinese instead!


One Response to “Cooking lunch”

  1. izzy March 8, 2010 at 10:28 am #

    Cheeeeeers rosie 🙂
    i hope you do it next year! will be great … but hopefully not as cheesy as high school musical (Y) haha xx

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