Better day.

4 Mar

I feel A LOT better today 😀 Even went to school and then out with work people after 😀

A HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CALUM AND TO ALISTAIR (MY UNCLE) AND TO CORRINE :D..Oh wait it’s after midnight! Well okay, happy birthday for yesterday :D. I got Calum pyjamas and I got Corrine a cookie recipe book and some cookie cutters and a bracelet and I don’t know what we got Alistair haha :).

Woke up nice and early and opened Calums presents..well Calum opened his presents and he got DVDs and clothes and Wii Sing – because he likes singing. But now he’s gone off to celebrate his birthday on a school residential hahah! 🙂 He’s all 16 and stuff! Old!

Phew, so spent this morning waiting for the district nurse – who were actually really nice today, they were different to the one that I’m always complaining about and I like them a lot. BUT they couldn’t flush my line because it wouldn’t draw back and then wouldn’t flush through either so they’re coming back tomorrow to try again.. I’ve had a shower and moved around a lot so hopefully that will have loosened…loosened? Is that right? I don’t know…loosened it and it’ll work..otherwise I’ll have to go to bladdy hospital and that’ll be irritating.

HAHAHAH Ted is stuck and she’s just scrabbiling inside her ball but going nowhere..aww..cute!

Then after the district nurses left I went to school and it was quiet and gave Corrine her present and then took some clag to Toby and then went and saw Corrines new pad and had some really nice cake. Aaaaand then I went home and got ready and then went out with people from work for Andys leaving thing. Had a really good time actually 🙂 I was nervous incase I was really quiet and shy but I wasn’t too bad 🙂 Also, drove to Cheltenham with passengers haha – they trusted my driving! Not that I drive badly but like I obviously haven’t had much experience..we went for it and I drove fine :).

Now I’m home and tired :(. Also to let you know that we haven’t had any more information from the printers about tshirt designs KOE2 and KOE7 but I have had samples and they look good. I emailed them so should get a reply tomorrow…hopefully! Sorry for the wait!

One Response to “Better day.”

  1. mags March 4, 2010 at 7:43 am #

    Hi, so glad you’re feeling better and getting out and about again.Hope the district nurses sort your line out today okay…then you’l be able to have a proper day again!
    Am being taken shopping this morning and then have visitor this afternoon, so not much time for domestication today. Am still making bags so have sewing to do still…sewing is not my forte but I’m giving myself full marks for trying!!!!
    Need to get on to Marks and Spencers website too, as the wires on my bras are poking out – one is broken in the middle – and they’re giving me a bit of jip!
    love mags.

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