Pump It Up.

27 Feb

Omg. That DVD is insane. How can anyone who isn’t like a personal trainer (or Corrine) able to do that?! I’ve only done like the warm up and the first 20/30 min workout and I’m dying.. It may not be such a good idea to do it so soon after chemo anyway.. But they don’t tell you that do they?! The doctors I mean.. It said on the DVD at the begginning not to do it if you’re on meds or like preggers or whatever but the doctors never told me not too.. And surely it’s best to get yourself all fighting fit? I don’t know.. I shouldn’t be doing it home alone should I because what if I pass out and then throw up from all the exercise and then choke on my own sick..?! Hum..could happen.  Well I’m not gonna do anymore workout..just the cool down bit because you’re always meant to do that bit.

Also..I did my 10 minute solutions DVD as well before I did this one..so all in all I’ve done a lot.. Hah, that balances out spending the morning in bed :).

Not joking, it feels like my heart is too big for my chest..

How long is too long in between working out and cooling down? :S!

I’m running out of time and I’ve got to decide what to wear to Keri’s tonight.. The sky is blue right now..but the weather man said that there is gonna be localised hurricanes (looks like we might be swept away too Mags!)..but Keri’s house is gonna be crowded so it will probably be quite warm.. Although does that mean crowded enough to have to open the doors and windows? Therefore making it cooler? Oh the thought patterns us girls have to go through?! Maybe I’ll wear one outfit..and lots of layers..and then take another outfit just in case? I can leave it in my car..

Talking of the weather man – Has anyone else noticed on BBC Midlands that they now don’t even bother to stand up and do the weather? The camera man just finds them at their desk and they do some cut where they are on one screen in the corner and the computer does the rest. I don’t like it one bit – looks lazy and as if they don’t really care about the weather. Maybe they’ve got too cocky since they’ve been right about all the snow. Pah. It’s okay though because the BBC News weather man still stands up :).
Reread that paragraph and insert ‘/women’ after each mention of a man..how androcentric of me. (And yes I already knew that word ;))

P.S Can we all vote for this? http://www.dontpaniconline.com/design/entry/180 Mike should always win.


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