Chemo went fine.

24 Feb

Nothing interesting to report really.. Rob came and filmed all night..he shoulda been there on the first one because that one was exciting hhaha this one was just a lota waiting ;). Ah well..It’s all useable.

I’m sad :(. Not like sad sad..I’m happy generally but just sad because do you remember the family I was telling you about a couple of chemos ago? They were new to the whole experience and were scared and stuff and I wanted to hug them..wait I’ll find the post.. Ahahah this isn’t the right one but I found this one funny to read so read it again if you wanna laugh ;). I’ll find the correct post now.. there it is :). So yeah – Kate, is her name, I’ve mentioned her a few times.. but yeah, she’s had results back on her scan and it hasn’t been what they’re expecting 😦 Apparently something is showing in her pelvis and they’re not sure what it is and I don’t think her chemo is working yet 😦 Gutting. Hard times.. But I’ve been there and I know it does feel so so so terrible at the time – just not knowing anything for ages (took them 3 weeks to find out the scan results) and then being told what they’ve found and then pretty much not knowing anything then either.. 😦 But yeah, you’ve gotta remember that they’ve ALWAYS got options..especially at this stage! There is so much to go through before you’re at the end.. Take each day as it comes – an oldie but a goodie.

Got some samples of KOE2 and KOE7!! Was to say sorry about the printers being broke. They are looking good though! Get pre-ordering, come on now.

Been watching ‘One born every minute’? The best program ever.


One Response to “Chemo went fine.”

  1. mags February 25, 2010 at 8:49 am #

    Hi Rosie, it’s POURING with rain here and have to deliver a birthday card up in village, so will have to walk up! Still, should get a cup of tea though!!!
    Then its greenhouse and sewing on the agenda today for me…with the odd row of knitting thrown in!
    Sorry to hear about Kate, but hope it gets better for her.. It seems to take a while before one is through and out the other side.
    With all this filming going on you should walk into acting colllege!
    love mags.

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