18 Feb

OMG is that not the best website you’ve ever seen? I haven’t even looked at half the stuff yet! The bags are amazing – and cheap! And the chairs! WOW!

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday – had a busy evening and was too tired afterwards :).

Went to the hospital to see Dan and was the most positive hospital meeting I’ve ever had! I actually felt like there was ‘an end in sight’ ahah 😀 Literally got these last two chemos to go and then I’ll have a scan and then they’ll see what’s happening but they reckon that we’ll just leave it for a bit and keep an eye on it which is so awesome. Base line of 3/4 scans a year and if anything changes then I’ve got other options! Hah! Dan was very pleased with the absense of new lumps :D. Ah so positive. Love it.

So Toby and I went to pizza hut to celebrate and grossly overindulged ourselves…We went wrong by ordering enough food to feed a family of 5….ahaha so we ate pretty much two starters each because we had a sharing platter thing and then ordered a medium size pizza each and then only ate about 2 slices.. but don’t worry we took the rest home so that’s like a meal in itself for today, and then shared a dessert. Cookie dough – literally the best dessert ever invented. Was such a lovely afternoon/evening 🙂 Very happy.

It’s snowing again..not a fan..and I’m cold so my fingers feel funny. Bad times..but that doesn’t matter if you’re happy!

One  born every minute is the best T.V show ever..If you haven’t watched it then 4od it.

Also, I’m annoyed that you can’t watch the brits on itvplayer 😦 I’ll see what I can get from youtube because I’ve heard rumours that Cheryl Cole was terrible..Although I think we can let her off since Ashley has been messing her around.

What’s that? You’re all ordering lots of stuff off www.theknockoneffect.co.uk? That’s awesome.

I might go up to the post office and see if they have strawberry milkshake powder..


3 Responses to “www.divintage.com”

  1. mags February 18, 2010 at 1:11 pm #

    We are both delighted…and Spring is coming as well, even if there’s a bit of snow around…it doesn’t matter when you have GOOD NEWS to think about!!!!!!!!!!!
    love mags and john.

  2. Steph February 18, 2010 at 3:36 pm #

    Great news Rosie. I feel quite emotional for you.
    Well done you, with all your positive thoughts.
    Love Steph x

  3. Kaate February 21, 2010 at 12:36 pm #

    Yey awesome news:)

    I was born in the hospital that One born every minute is filmed! My cliam to fame right there;) Hope your well babydoll xx

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