16 Feb

Is irritating me! It hurts 😦 And I swear it’s swollen or something..just my whole mouth hurts whenever I eat anything 😦 stupid mouth.

Omgosh. Last night was a long one! Hah, was Toby, Martin and Keri’s birthday party and so didn’t get to sleep for a looong time. I had to leave early to come back here and babysit so I wasn’t able to help tidy up :/ Feel a bit bad about that.. Also, Toby is still ill so he wasn’t feeling great :(. I got to see him though and we had a trip to Tesco to get nibbles :). Dan made a huge cake for them which was coffee cake on the bottom, then nutella, then chocolate cake, then jam, then normal sponge and then green icing with maltesers…yes, that’s right, a triple layer cake ahah! We didn’t cut it though, so I don’t know what it tastes like…

My mouth hurts so much that even the J2Os hurt it. :(.

Pancake daaaay, what are you all giving up for lent? I’m in no way religious but you’ve gotta go along with the holidays! I don’t know what I’m giving up for lent..I was thinking about chosing something that I don’t already do and then I can feel really accomplished at the end ;). Baha.

Someone who I work with at Thorntons is leaving to go and work for Cadburys – How much of a traitor is that!? Pah.


2 Responses to “Tongue”

  1. mags February 17, 2010 at 7:42 am #

    Hi Rosie, completely forgot it was pancake day!! What a stupid thing to do….I even looked it up in the diary a couple of weeks ago!!
    Am now the proud owner of a domino badge..Thankyou!! Will wear with pride!
    We are just waiting for some bloke to arrive to have a meeting about our garden and the possibilty of selling produce…and he’s coming at 8.45 am si its an early morning! At present we grow for ourselves and give rest away to old people and to home helps who prepare and cook for people who need it. We’d like to get a bit of cash back for seed as I spend 100 pounds per year on seed. Thought about doing a few markets a year….selling both plants and veg.
    No car still, so walking to village is wearing a bit thin now!!!
    Anyway, had better make beds before man’s arrival!
    love mags.

  2. mags February 18, 2010 at 9:05 am #

    Hi Rosie, hope tongue is getting better..have already been up to village, a walk of three miles, to do cow and buy bread so am pleased with myself!! Will be fitter by time car is repaired!
    Am sewing this p.m., not an activity I enjoy but am making a christmas present of a bag along with rest of craft group. Someone is lending me their machine for the afternoon so will see how I get on! If I have difficulty project may well be abandoned!
    Have you done your chair yet? If so, where’s the proof – i.e. pictures?
    Our computer is now running properly so am able to post more easily!
    love mags.

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