Thank you

9 Feb

To everyone who has left me lovely comments 🙂 Really appreciate what you’re saying and makes me smileee! I hope you’ve had a wonderful day 🙂

Also, Mags, you definitely did pay the right amount of postage 🙂 Don’t you worry!

Wore my wig for the first time at school today! This is gonna take ages for me to type because my fingers are so cold they’ve like stopped bending.. And my skin is quite dry from the chemo so it feels quite tight 😦 Bad times. I’ll put some hand cream on..gimmie a sec..

Okay..that’s a bit better. Yeah wore my wig! And everyone loved it :D! Hah you could see the people looking at me thinking ‘I swear I recognise her..’ and then realising hah 🙂 What was weird is I saw someone who hadn’t seen me with no hair and she recognised me straight away and didn’t even realise it was a wig! Hah! Mental. I didn’t wear the underneath grippy bit so it didn’t give me a headache which is cool :).

OMG who is so up for watching Jo Frost tonight?! I’m watching it and then that one born every minute show as well – have you seen the advert for that? It’s like loadsa clips of labour cut together but in a nicer sounding way hah. Good advert.

Good work on the orders by the way everyone 😀 Gotta get cracking on some more domino earrings! Don’t forget to spread the word of

Had a small phone interview with The Guardian this morning..talking about volunteering as a student and the benefits and stuff..should be in that graduate supplement – which comes out with the saturday edition – on 22nd Feb. We’ll see :).

I’m freeeeezing! But I think that’s coz my blood count is low.. Well I reckon my blood count is low. Did I say the other day? That it means I need ta pee a lot (lovely) when my bloods are down..something to do with the way the body works..I don’t know. They’ll be up again in time for my next lotta treatment..just as long as you don’t go making me ill.


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