4 Feb

Just ordered the two ‘awaiting stock’ designs on so those should be available in 10 DAYS! No fricking way! You know..I might put them up for sale now and you can get your orders in and then you can just wait like 2 does that sound?

Also…don’t you all need plastic bag replacement canvas bags? For all your shopping and stuff? Well we’ve already got one lovely design up on but there is a new design gonna be available by at THE MOST monday! I have mentioned it on here previously so if you take a search down then you can find it..Actually, gimmie a sec..If you go here then you can find out all about the new bag :). Ent I nice.

And what about those of you who like your quirky jewellery? We have got rings and earrings and badges and necklaces! All sorts! I believe that necklaces will be available very soon and there are black ones, white ones and beautiful vintage ones :). All for insanely cheap prices – you’ll feel like you’re robbing me. What an overused line that was.. 😉

Also, as of Monday, the Rhino1 t-shirt will be on SPECIAL OFFER…wait.. *SPECIAL OFFER* (hah that’s better) of JUST £10! Bargain. Imagine going into Topshop or Republic or whatever and seeing this kinda tshirt for £ would snap it up in an instant! Speaking of tshirts, we have got 3 new designs going up very soon – MONDAY AT THE LATEST! Monday is the day :).

I believe that’s all the business news for you.. Apart from to say that Mum and I had a meeting with Natwest this morning – They are the best bank you’ll ever meet..If you wanna set up a business or normal account then go with Natwest; they truely care and wanna get involved! Just lovely lovely people! But yeah, that was so that we could move the business account into a partnership with me as well – now that I’m 18 and all.
Also met with a man called Mike from Business Link who was very nice and gave us some advice and told us that everything we were doing so far was actually pretty great! Hah ;).


I’m all tired out but well enough for work tonight :)..So come see me at Tesco? Lovely job.


Omgggg can’t believe we’re gonna have 6 tshirt designs! Mental. WHO IS READY FOR THE RELAUNCH ON MONDAYYY!!! – BE THERE. Also, don’t forget I’m on T.V again! Monday 8th 7.30pm on BBC 1. :). Most of you have already seen it, but you could always watch it again? ;).


Wig shopping (properly) tomorrow 🙂 Will be a much nicer experience than the first one we had, I hope! Rob is coming along too so when they do the Inside Out sequel you can see how we got on ;). Happy days.


One Response to “Omgosh.”

  1. mags February 5, 2010 at 7:40 am #

    Hi Rosie, glad you’re ok and that business is going well. I look forward to the sequel to the inside out doc…when will it be????
    Am up early today as want to cut wood before going out to lunch….
    Have a good day!
    love mags.

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